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I haven't been paying attention to China's numbers. But serious? 17 cases. Less than 5,000 deaths and less than 100,000 cases ever?

CDC says we had 113,000+ new cases and a thousand deaths just yesterday. WTF is wrong with our country.

This puts things into a horrible perspective.


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Like how can you not look at those numbers and not see that our response to the pandemic has been grossly, homicidially, inept.

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I was expecting to see some variation in difference. You know, maybe 20-30% more deaths in the U.S. or something.

Not 154 times more deaths.

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@lordbowlich Well China is also flat-out lying, but yea.. the initial, lengthly US non-response was genocidal.

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@seachaint I've heard that as well, but at least reviewing the Wikipedia article on the numbers:

Around March 2020, there was speculation that China's COVID numbers were deliberately inaccurate, but now China's COVID mitigation strategies are generally considered to have been successful and its statistics are considered to be accurate.[547][548][549] Relative to other countries, China's COVID infections and deaths are very low. China is similar to countries such as Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore that have also been very successful in controlling the virus.

at least Foreign Policy and the NYT seem to believe the numbers are accurate at this point. Although they do only report symptomatic cases whereas the U.S. numbers include both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases.

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@lordbowlich Well, wikipedia being vulnerable to motivated state actors gives me pause, but consider also the impact of how China's punitive approach to lockdown would motivate people to not report infection.
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're handling it better than most countries particularly at their scale, but I don't really believe they've handled it even to a factor of ten as well as they claim.

Unless, that is, the Chinese populace had already some level of innate immunity or genetic resilience to coronaviruses related to covid, but I don't think that's plausible either: it would probably result in roughly equal transmission but lower mortality, which isn't the reported pattern.

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This is more than a factor of ten, it's a factor of 100.

If China had the same per-capita death rate as the states it would have ~3,700,000 deaths.

I would think the global intelligence community must be doing a pretty bad job of monitoring China if they didn't notice a conspiracy to hide 3.7 million Covid deaths somewhere.

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@lordbowlich Well that's fair, maybe factor-10 is too hyperbolic of me :p

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