Official can say I've tried Limburger cheese now.

And to be honest, it's not really all that smelly. I was expecting something gross. But the flavor is actually pretty good particularly when paired with Braunschweiger.


Although, I suppose for a lot of folks, the fact that I love Braunschweiger is enough to damn my tastes.

1970's food 

@lordbowlich My birth family has a tradition involving Braunschweiger: you take a piece of rectangular sandwich mozzarella, spread it with Braunschweiger, put a candied dill spear on it, roll it up, slice it, and put it on Ritz crackers.

I am sure it comes from the back of a Ritz box during the food horror period of the 70's, but Braunschweiger Rolls are... actually good? You can't find candied dills anymore, they have to be special-ordered or made ahead (on which note: IT'S TIME)

re: 1970's food 

@gamehawk My Polish grandma used to call it "gooseliver," despite it have no goose products in it.

I've yet to figure out the etymology of that, and I still confuse people by calling it that on occasion.

re: 1970's food 

@lordbowlich A lot of people do, because apparently it is (or can be, there are variations) very similar to goose liverwurst. My grandmother (Scotch-Irish) called it liverwurst.

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