pet death 

We lost Rowdy the basset hound yesterday morning.

He was recovering from his heart surgery and an AirBnB we rented in the valley, and for the first four days with us he was steadily improving although he was still breathing very heavily and panting.

He started acting restless on Wednesday night. He sat up in bed, and just would not lay down. I sat up with him all night, and he slept only an hour or two.

We made an appointment with his surgeon for the next day, and fiddled with his pain meds. But he passed away on us in the car ride over to the clinic.


re: pet death 

I'm too exhausted for eulogies at this point.

After three weeks being stuck down in the city trying we returned last night to a dogless-house.

Those two have been with us for almost nine years. They were so very much the centerpiece of our household.

Now it's just too quite here. There's no one to eat the carrot peelings and other scraps while I cook.

I can't even really escape into the woods, since who will go hiking with me? Who will sit by my side while I lounge at camp?

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