pet death

Vickie passed away on my lap in the early hours of this morning.

We rescued her from the pound in Sioux Falls, SD. She had been used in a puppy mill, shot once with a shotgun and had a respiratory infection that shook the house -- was not potty trained and never did quite understand the idea.

Over the nine years she spent with us she shed a lot of her fears and came to trust us and be a great home-office companion.

She could out hike us all. And when she grew old we carried her for miles.

She was wickedly clever. No fence could ever container her. She once figured out how to get on a counter by using a lazy-Susan as a ladder.

One blizzard in Wyoming she disappeared for the night and returned proudly with the neighbor's hen. She would dig up ground hogs in the yard. Sit patiently by a tree and wait for hours for a squirrel to make the strategic mistake of touching ground.

I will deeply miss her in my life, but cherish the moments we had together.

re: pet death 

@lordbowlich They come into our lives, and bring so much.

Vicky sounds wonderful, and well loved.

We've had four rescues over the years. Every single one utterly unique. The ones that have gone on are never forgotten.


re: pet death 

@lordbowlich she sounds like a helluva a friend.

I’m sorry for your loss.

re: pet death 

@lordbowlich sorry you're going through that. she sounds like an amazing companion

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