I think I would've agreed with this thesis from 2010-2018 when I was subsumed in commercial social media. Mainstream culture, within those walled gardens does seem to have hit a kind of creative stagnation trapped in the culture milieu of when it was adopted. In there, I lost the thread of actual cultural creation.

Mass social media is just mass media. A giant booming echo that recites in overblown noise what various subcultures had already created, expressed, and probably grown bored with.

Getting rid of commercial social media, rediscovering small internet communities unstuck me. Maybe mass culture is stuck, but I think the small communities have started to rediscover themselves in the last three years.

@lordbowlich just read this thanks for sharing. A bleak analysis but your comment after kind of gives me hope as some of the reasons I've left the walled gardens for smaller places reflect what your comments sentiments. ( As a visual artist working exclusively online I can attest to the effects of late stage capitalism especially nfts on homogenisation and blandification) .

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