This came out of the hope chat last night. Been reading it this evening. It's abstract so far, in a Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance kind of way.

Anyways good stuff.

My take away from the first chapter -- Alan describes a Mapper vs Packer mental model for learning and applying to work.

At least from my interpretation. It seems the Mapper is an individual who learns through lots of daydreaming and reflection which creates a large internal mental model about a problem. Which leads to large leaps of intuition which can be extremely productive, but also contrary to industrialized workflows.

The Packer learns and approaches work with a kind of giant hash map in their head. They excel at memory and work towards finding and memorizing as many correct solutions to problems as they can. They improve their performance by improving the number of things they remember. This approach works very well with highly structured approaches to project management.

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@lordbowlich "Those of you who spend time on solitary walks, in heavy metal bars or whatever does it for you, feeling somehow uncomfortable until suddenly a penny you didn't even know you were looking for drops, are already operational." I feel called out by this.

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