If you're looking for an alternative to Goodreads. I've had a lifetime subscription to Libarything for forever, and the site still feels like some kind of late 90s labor of love.

@lordbowlich This is exactly what I needed! I've been wanting to get off Goodreads for a while, but I absolutely needed good cataloging for a few research projects. Thanks for the link.

@lordbowlich I've been reading some reviews on Goodreads lately, to find what to read next, but I'm no active user otherwise. What do you like more about Librarything, or how is it different, if I may ask?

@onymous I mainly use it to catalogue my library and keep an accurate list of what volumes I have and where they are -- it does a good job of pulling in all the details and can then export to a local file.

I've interacted a little with the community on the site and I would describe it as having a very indie vibe, something similar to early live journal or a phpbb etc. That's the main thing I like about it, it seems like something someone put a lot of heart into vs. Goodreads always felt to me like another corporate website.

@lordbowlich can you actually read books on that site? Do you have to be member first?

@nixfreak The site is a tool for creating a complete library catalogue + a community for discussing books that you've read.

Which for me, and my 10,000+ volumes of books is a pretty useful tool to have.

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