Fascinating item with . I rebooted the server running the pinafore container last night, but it does so much locally that I didn't even realize until now that the server didn't come back up -- had just kept using the same tab without closing it.

@lordbowlich That is neat, indeed. I have found some other instances running Pinafore front ends, and thought about the security aspect (trusting them if I sign up via their install, credentials, etc).

But Nolan indicates all data is kep on the client side, and your story seems to confirm it.

Why more than one Pinafore? So you can keep 2 (or 3) each with one instance loaded and pulsing, ready for action, read or reply.

We just need to bug Nolan to add Rich Text Support, as both GlitchSoc and Pleroma support it wonderfully.

@rgx There's a few thinks from Glitch that I'd like to see make it into Pinafore -- the alternate toot button with a different privacy level, local-only support (although not sure if that would make it into master). Dabbling with the idea of forking and adding these in if I have some time and seeing if he'd be interested in a PR for either one.

@lordbowlich One of the benefits of offline-first architecture is you don't really notice when the server goes down. 😁

@lordbowlich Pinafore is truly an installed app that just happens to be run by a browser! :blobmiou:

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