Watching the propane truck park in the driveway, on the opposite side of the property from the tank and then proceeding to drag the hose across the entire yard to reach it.

Half the time, I have to move my vehicles for them to pull in.

They could park on the street, right next to the tank, but they insist on pulling into the driveway.

It's like working with some kind of NPC with a bad pathfinding algorithm.

@lordbowlich There was an old guy I was renting from some years back who would stand in the middle of the driveway and force the delivery guy to take the shortest route with the hose

Every propane delivery looked like a tiny Tiananmen Square

@lordbowlich They probably don't want to block the road or another viable reason would be that they have to unload on the customers property? Often the strangest behaviors have surprisingly logical reasons.

@mnw The insurance issue or some kind of legal reason that makes sense for 90% of other houses. I just think it's funny to watch every couple of months.

The road is a dead-end rural road with my house at the end of it. So they wouldn't be blocking anyone on it. But I can see some rule saying they need to not be on county land when they pump.

@lordbowlich Ah that makes sense. I had an ex whose grandparents lived at the end of a dead end. Their fuel guy would drive backwards down the street and deliver from the road. this was maybe 10 years ago or more now though. .... time files ... oh gosh

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