2020: Year of the Linux Desktop?

Right? right?

@brennen @Ricardus Let's see. For me, I went from dabbler to all in on Linux desktop in January 2013. So 7 years.

@lordbowlich @brennen I actually started with Red Hat 5.2 in 1995 or so part time. But I've been full time for 10 years or so. Maybe 12.

@lordbowlich Year of the linux desktop, schmear of the linux desktop

@lordbowlich @thegibson WSL2 comes out this year. Free Linux kernel chicken in every Windows pot that clicks an install button.

@lordbowlich Screw Linux on the desktop. I would settle for a version of memdisk that works under UEFI or something like it.

/me spent last night at work seeing if shi could get grub2 work sanely as a stand in replacement for memdisk.
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