New for 2020 and

I'm a remote software engineer working the various F/OSS web-stacks from my remote cabin at 8,500 feet in the White Mountains of Arizona -- I'm prone to wanderlust and often grab some batteries, solar panels, and head out to work from my truck from whatever corner of these great open lands has cell phone reception.

Posts often about the trials and joys of remote work, venting about development (since I've got no watercooler coworkers), the usual consumptive vices of our age (film, video games, books), and chatter about returning to a more open web,
culture and society.

Oh, and I hope to meet plenty you at Defcon 28!

Oh, my pinned introduction toot for the year includes a grammar mistake. I love it.

That's like the perfect introduction for someone with a lit degree who spews out at least two or three incoherent sentences a day.

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White Mountain.

You are in one the ancestral homelands.

Good to know:

@farhan 2020 has made this post age very poorly. 😅​

Virtual DefCon and virtual HOPE this year.

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