not supporting web browsers is a feature, not a bug.

@xj9 I keep saying web browsers have their place, but we shouldn't be using them for everything like we do today.

I've got a lot of complexity to dig through and toot a tree all of you because of that!


nothing wrong with html documents and a bit of style. sharing and linking information that way is extremely powerful. applications are a completely different category, with very different needs.


Well said!

I have been thinking about this a lot lately... HTML documents themselves are very useful. We need simpler tools to render them!



@dvn @xj9 @alcinnz The focus on turning the browser into an application renderer has shifted focus away from conversations about things like proper semantic documents, etc.

There's still so much out there that could be improved on HTML documents.

For example the HTML -> Print pipeline is mess. There's all different types of messy tooling to convert HTML a PDF and then to Print. We should be able to have tex-like reproducible styling for our HTML documents.

(or for that matter e-readers! We should've never needed to create new formats for displaying text on an e-reader. HTML should've been more than capable!)

@lordbowlich @dvn @xj9 On the e-reader front though, we do use HTML! All those formats (apart from PDF & CBZ) are gzipped, usually user-styled websites!

CBZ meanwhile is gzipped images, targeted towards comic books.

But other then that technicality, I agree with you!


Yep, epub is HTML, for example.

I just checked and Calibre's ebook-viewer uses webkit. Is there really no good alternative to webkit?

@lordbowlich @xj9

@dvn @lordbowlich @xj9 For embedding in your applications, not really.

As I understand it both Gecko and Blink only work well in their own bundled UI frameworks, or soon Android.

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