Do you know anyone browsing web with unusual hardware and/or operating system? Out of the usual Windows/Linux/Android/iOS scope? Please point them here:

Explanation here: gopher://

If you don't speak gopher:

"Making of" screenshot attached.

(Boosting the post will help.)

@logout seems like I added hjdicks. I'm sad mothra, hget and abaco don't do this useragent thing differently. I guess they use webfs default.

Anyways, I can't power it on right now, but I have a Mio DigiWalker P550 that I'm trying to connect to the web. It mostly works but I still need to put some updated certs on it. (runs old IE)
I'll try to log its UA once it wakes up.

@logout um the gopher link is type 1 which is for a gopher map. type 0 is for text files.


@epoch you are correct! You can't even trust a gopher browser these days, I just copied the URL from that one I use ok my W10 tablet. In other clients the URL is correct. The only solution I can think of is to ask @thegibson if there is any chance to alter the toot on the database level. It won't affect the 29 boosts it already has, but won't spread with bad link any further.

@logout Do you accept lies? I used to have my firefox report that it was running on top of GEM/DRDOS 😁

@ari I delete _obvious_ lies as contemplating why do people lie is not among goals of the project 😀

@logout here's a Nintendo DSi one!

may also visit it with my Wii later today, but I'll have to set up my capture card stuff again for that

@Genstar I know - it was already pointed out by someone. It seems that the client I use in W10 did mess up the URL, I don't know why. I asked @thegibson if he can alter the toot in database. My most boosted toot ever and it has a bad gopher URL 😠

@logout I'll bookmark this, so sometime, if I get the MSX runnning and get a modem, I may take a look.

Also, the PlayStation 2 (Maybe 3 too if we manage to get it fixed by the end of the decade lol)

Also, someone needs to do this with the Sega Saturn, it had an internet browser for it actually.

For now I have a PC running Windows 98 with both Internet Explorer 6 and K-Meleon (I'm sure it doesn't report at itself I think, I think it reports as Firefox, need to check that).

@logout another new user agent for you: "NetSurf/3.11 (Plan9)"

@logout I was crazy surprised to find I was the 2nd person to connect with links on macppc OpenBSD 6.8!! hahaha :)

@logout further, trying to browse anything on the web on that system has been a frustrating experience indeed. JS is basically a total no-go, locking that machine out of the vast vast majority of modern websites & services. sad stuff, to say the least.

@amatecha yes, I went through similar experience last summer, when I placed an old PC box (AMD Duron 950) on my desk to be my main machine for about six weeks. I learned to use NetSurf and Dillo during that time and hate JS and mostly JS-requiring sites. Since that I'm slowly re-doing all my sites/pages to be as simple as feasible.

@logout ah nice, yeah I’d like to make my next site very compatible and accessible. as a web developer since the 90’s, it’s frustrating to watch other devs quickly discard the past and only care about the latest new things. NetSurf is great - definitely impressed with it so far!

@amatecha that Made me a bit investigate, because that would be really a coincidence. It seems, that you were in fact the first and the second at the same - from lighttpd server logs I see that Links makes both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0 at the same time. Dunno why. I'm going to decrease the counter to make you trully unique! 🙂

@logout ahh haha I see! good thing you investigated. interesting quirk to learn about in regards to how browsers access content!

@logout @amatecha Happened to have the links source sitting around. Links considers lighttpd to be buggy with 1.1 and by default tries 1.1, then falls back to 1.0 for these buggy servers.

@trondd @amatecha Interesting! I wonder why others have no problem with it 🙂

@logout @trondd maybe they do? I noticed, scrolling through the list, that there seem to be quite a lot of fairly unique-looking user agents that actually have exact 2 “hits”… maybe it’s a common situation that the browser might retry like that?

@amatecha @trondd I didn't notice this anywhere except Links in logs. Just Links and the really ancient, pre-HTTP/1.1 browsers do HTTP/1.0 requests. As for the unique browsers that have two or four on the counter, I can see them in logs as coming in different times and/or IP addresses.

@logout @trondd Ahh perfect, OK we don’t have to worry about lots of duplicate entries then, haha! good on you for checking into it :)

@amatecha @trondd Another funny observation: ELinks doesn't do this!

@amatecha @logout Heh. I was also wondering who the other links on modern OpenBSD (amd64 in my case) user was. New system, simple browser.

@trondd @logout nice! yeah usually I’d probably use NetSurf but I was too lazy to go to the machine itself so I just SSH’ed in instead haha ^_^

@xiled Thanks! Nice phost. I plan follow up on the topic tomorrow.

@logout To be a bit more serious, one device I would like to browse the Internet more with is my Old 2DS if it weren't because it has TLS errors on almost every page.

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