What do fediverse HAMs think about MBITX? Would it be a good entry into HF QRP SSB world?
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@logout I have it and use it, though mostly on CW. It is a nice rig. If you are getting one, make sure, you get the version 5 (or above - I don't know if a version 6 came out). They fixed a lot of spurious output problems on v5. On my v4, I have had receive reports on frequencies I never intended to transmit.

@logout Also, there is no way to select a smaller IF roofing filter for CW operators. I find that to be a big minus. But can't complain, given the price.

@vu3rdd Thanks for the info. According to the website current version is 5, so if nobody recommends better rig for QRP portables, I'll buy that. I plan it now, though I will probably buy it in the winter to start on HF next spring. Until that time I'll stay on VHF/UHF - there's no rush.

@logout I hadn't heard of it, but it looks like a very fun and affordable kit. It also looks pretty educational, you can learn a lot of radio theory building it.

@logout @thegibson

I'm a ham. Played with the BITX40 and have my own μBitx on the way. I know of many hams who love it. Easy to assemble and a solid rig. Really good for mobile QRP.

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