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Just back from getting our bivalent anti-virus update packages installed. I both do and do not hope I feel anything from it.

Cobbling together a little retro streaming rig with 3 old android phones, a usb video capture box, and a laptop. We’ll see if I manage to go live with it today or tomorrow

uk, monarchy, snark 

as an american i feel like my patriotic duty in this time should be to shitpost but my country itself is a living shitpost so i think the duty is covered just by my ongoing citizenship

"Wop-a-Din-Din" by Red House Painters is a song about a cat and it makes me tear up a little every time I hear it

I need to find a camera angle that accentuates the rad carpet

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This might be the site of a future magazine code type-in live stream

Earlier, I typed "touch children before destroying parent" as part of a git commit message and it only occurred to me an hour or two later how absolutely bent that sounds

Also, I have decided it is time to activate the Wi-Fi pumpkin

So, one of the things I most dislike about my iPhone 13 is the camera bump and how the thing wobbles when I set it down on.

Something just occurred to me: could I even it out with a puffy sticker? And if so, who makes rad puffy stickers these days?

So I guess I’m not quite done with this Duffy Moon rabbit hole yet

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Tinkering vs weed 

Tempted to get parts to build an induction heater and assemble it on a livestream because it’s a tinkering project but also it’s paraphernalia for vaping weed, so…

Also discovered that it's possible to convert a Ms. Pac Man cocktail machine to run JAMMA PCBs. We have a Ms. Pac Man cocktail machine.

Now I want to get a MiSTerCade and shove that in ours just because it seems like a ludicrous idea.

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Fell down a rabbit hole and now I want to build a DIY JAMMA arcade cab from plans based on an Atari Tempest mini cabaret machine

Also mixed a little malort with aperol and mezcal and it was a nice barbecuey smoky thing

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