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So anyway, yeah, enjoy my fuzzy picture of canoodling crows

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Also, clearly, I am a disappointment to my mother because she has taken up bird photography as a retirement hobby and comes up with stuff like this all the time

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For all I know, they could be demigods plotting someone's doom, but that's cute too

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Wish my phone had a better zoom lens, but these crows have been hanging out together outside my office window for a half hour so far and it’s cute.

That thing where I try melatonin to make myself sleepy at a more appropriate bed time but then my toddler brain tries to fight it off to do further doomscrolling anyway

Catsby and Cosmo have stolen the girl’s spot on the couch

Sometimes I miss Ann Arbor, even though I only lived there for a very little while around 2002 or so.

That was an era where I would go to S. University Ave after work to get a burrito and bubble tea, then rent some anime for a nice evening weebing out with my cats.

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Thinking about tempeh reminds me of the first place I had it, Seva in downtown Ann Arbor.

And then I remember that Seva hasn't been in downtown Ann Arbor since 2013. 👴

food recommendation wanted 

Can anyone recommend a vegetarian / fake-meat breakfast sausage that's tasty, and doesn't have a weird consistency?

Egg is an ok ingredient, if necessary. The kind of sausage that goes inside a biscuit is what I'm looking for.

Boosts appreciated.

There was one time, just after we'd moved, that I sent a large delivery of booze to our old address.

Luckily, we still owned the empty house. So, I just sat on the front porch when I knew the delivery was coming. When it arrived, I threw it on the back of my bicycle in a very suspicious manner and rode back to the new house.

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Annoyed with myself: Ordered 3 things from 3 vendors on eBay using their batch shopping cart checkout thingy.

Realized I'd sent all three of them to my old address. Had to request a cancellation of each order individually, because there's no address change option. Also sent a message off to each vendor to beg for an address change.

One cancelled the order and told me to re-order. One promised they'd change the address when they shipped. The other hasn't answered in 2 days, so that thing is probably gone.

FWIW, I've also heard that "hovering around the bbq grill" is adjacent to "looking chastely at the reflection of one's beloved in the garden gazing ball"

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I’ve also found that my best socializing happens in the “hovering around the bbq grill” mode. Which, sure, is a well-ridiculed dude cliche.

But it’s also an indirect socializing mode. We’re not all directing attention intensely at each other. That generates social anxiety for folks like me. Instead, we attend to a neutral interesting object and discuss it. Incidentally, we may relate to each other along the way.

My problem is that the neutral interesting object for me keeps changing shape :blobsweat:

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Back when we lived in Detroit, the funny thing was my wife and I started making a few friends in the bartender / service industry scene.

Because we went to the same handful of cocktail bars at least once a week and nerded out on booze with the folks there.

So, that was a consistent thing at least. But then we moved across the country and then we had a pandemic...

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Sometimes I try really hard to force focus on a single interest in order to finish something and maybe set down roots in a community and make some friends. But inevitably, the effort to force a focus is exhausting and I just ghost out of it anyway.

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Thinking about some ADHD crap today, specifically around abruptly shifting interests and how that intersects with community.

As in, there are communities for every one of my special interests. People make friends in those communities. But that only tends to happen for people who stick around consistently and become recognized as regulars. That's just how human socializing works.

For me, though, interest is inconsistent. It's rarely sustained long enough for me to show up as a regular anywhere.

It's recurrent, though, as I rotate through interests: For example, I tinker with electronics and retro computers every few months. Then I'll abruptly switch to writing or music or woodworking or a single video game for weeks at a time. Then, I switch again.

So, I tend to repeatedly (re)appear as a stranger in communities around my interests. And don't make many friends. That's an annoying thing for which I've never found a solution.

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