The sun is an eldritch horror.

Inconceivably old, will last for an equally inconceivable amount of time.

Effectively eternal from our perspective.

Looking at it directly will destroy your eyesight.

Unapproachable, at risk of complete immolation.

Incomprehensible and alien.

re: UNIX nerd assertiveness 

@vkc Not that this is any more authoritative, but I recently saw this 12-year-old mailing list post on /usr and friends

A nice thing about having cats around is that the other human in the house thinks you’re talking to the cats and not yourself

@lori Yeah, that's always confused me about Discord servers. Like, why does this server I joined just for this one TV show expect I'm going to roll up with a van and move in all my stuff to live there exclusively and not fully forget about it when the show's off the air

@mc Oh and my capsule is at gemini:// and very unreliable like an old school bedroom dial-up BBS 😅

@mc Hmm, I don't even get a successful DNS lookup, which might be the fault of the PiHole server I have setup

@mc This makes me want to move some writing to my own neglected gemini capsule! Need to sort out whatever's amiss with IPv6 on my own network, though, because I can only seem to get to yours via a gemini-to-web portal :/

imagination is good

whimsy is good

never give up play

Looks like a bunch of my toots this weekend were pictures of critters snoozing in the sun.

I also took a long bike ride and sat in the shade in my back yard. There, I tossed peanuts to jays and squirrels, drank a few beers, and wrote some fiction on my phone.

That was a pretty good weekend.

Not here for a long time, just here for a good time. But also a long time, that’d be good too. I like it here

Web3 is Zombocom
The only limit is yourself
The infinite is possible
The unattainable is unknown
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Ope no, they've got plenty of those face shots in this episode. And the big Spartans vs Covenant fight sequence really seems to have worse graphics & FPS than the game itself? Yikes

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I guess they don't have the budget to do stuff like the in-helmet face view they'd do in something like Iron Man

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Been watching the Halo TV show and I'm like... why do the Spartans keep taking their dang helmets off?

I’d like Apple to support hand gestures so like if I flip off my phone while it’s ringing that caller gets blocked

I was worried maybe they were sick or worse, but every now and they look around and yawn and go back to napping. Also gave me the stink eye after I took that picture

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There’s a squirrel dozing in the sun on my fence and it’s fuckin adorable

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