Catsby was hiding from fireworks under the couch but I have lured him back out with a heating pad and scritches

Shit’s fucked up. Gonna stay home and make some food with fire

The search function in my brain is kinda weird sometimes. Case in point: We bought some cabinet hinges, they say “Richelieu” on the bag…

Also Catsby’s lil bro Cosmo is treating him pretty kindly after a vet visit

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So I said “hey Siri remind me to give Catsby eye medication at 10:30” and she heard “gay medication” :blobcatgooglyshrug:

So I'm pondering a fold-down workbench in my garage and looking at hinges...

How huge are these cats?

I have a pretty nice streaming setup now for someone who hasn’t done any streaming in a few years

Speaking of working outside, I just tossed this squirrel a peanut and now they just sprawled out flat on my fence and started munching

Wherein it’s sunny out so I’m trying something dumb with my Wi-Fi. Technically line of sight?

I think this means I need to feed them or else they will eat me

Just ate some Malaysian instant ghost pepper noodles that I think were actually a Gom Jabbar test

DALL-E can come up with some weird cute stuff sometimes. For that story's cover image, I asked for 'a robotic cat sitting on the bridge of a starship'

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Catsby was there first, though. But Cosmo has learned the tone of voice we use when we see the neighbor cats outside

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