Just replaced the battery in my wife's 2015-era Dell XPS 13" laptop for the 3rd time. This a) is annoying but b) I had a replacement overnight and c) it took 2 small screwdrivers and 15 minutes to replace it. So, not too bad. I'm mainly concerned about when they stop making batteries for this machine. It's a nice little laptop, except for the nose-cam

I couldn't imagine doing this sort of parts-swap for anything Apple these days. Though, to be fair, I guess I did just read that ifixit gave them a 7 out of 10 for repairability on the new iPhone 14

@lmorchard I've replaced so many apple laptop batteries in my family that I can do it under 3 minutes now. A skill that will sure come in handy once the global supply chains crumble to dust under oppressive weather patterns.

@goran The last one I tried to replace in a MacBook Pro was all glued in and took a few hours to get free. Maybe they're easier lately?

@lmorchard I remember my first MacBook (the white plastic one from around 2007) and how you could replace the battery with just like....a coin to unscrew the little thing


I don't know what's funnier, "tools needed: coin" or that there's a link to buy a coin

But the point is anyone could replace this. My mom could have replaced this without any anxiety about it. A kid could replace it.

@lori Yeah, I really miss those days of batteries. I even used to sometimes keep a charged spare in my bag on trips

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