Also, while browsing through some articles with tips on making friends while enjoying ADHD, one of them actually suggested "take a hobby more consistently serious" and I oop

@lmorchard Not sure if I'm in the same ADHD boat, but I know for myself that I have a half-life for any hobby (that isn't just collecting) of about 2-4 weeks where the interest wanes considerably. i took an online ADHD quiz (which I know is the equivalent of taking a Cosmo quiz to determine if he's the one) and it was rather inconclusive (you might have it, but you've learned to control it, yadda yadda). Wondering if this is just "normal" in some way?

But yeah, big feels on this.

@craigmaloney @lmorchard Sometimes I feel that most stuff simply is boring. I am not diagnosed with anything, but I find most people boring, most hobbies boring, most work boring… Finding stuff that keeps me focused is super hard. Now the question is: do I suffer from low density attention deficit, or is the world simply ruled by boring stuff: boring books, boring jobs, boring talks, boring hobbies being sold to us as interesting but … nope.

@craigmaloney Works for me! All those unpainted minis I have because I thought I'd get into a new hobby… And I wouldn't have painted 50 monsters if I didn't build a ritual and a project around it, and now that the project is done, I haven't painted anything in many months. Also that podcast of mine, languishing in limbo. Aaargh. Unfinished stuff everywhere.

@kensanata @lmorchard Rituals are key. I know this fundamentally (it's how I finished my book, and how I did several game jams) but it's really hard to get into the flow of wanting to make something into a ritual.

@lmorchard I dunno if I'm ADHD (if that even means anything), or just so easily bored I wander off from dull hobbies. A lot of unfinished projects.

Some of my grade school teachers were "concerned" by me ignoring them, reading SF books or drawing in notebooks, and then still acing tests, so one set up a tape recorder with a beep every 10-15 minutes, and send me to office if I wasn't paying attention when it went off. It just annoyed everyone, me included.

Attention isn't interest.

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