Wherein it’s sunny out so I’m trying something dumb with my Wi-Fi. Technically line of sight?


It’s a bare sliver of line of sight up a flight of basement stairs and out a window and I needed a folding chair and a rock but I’m getting 300Mbps according to Speedtest.net

I've got half a mind to pack one of these antennas on my bike and pretend I'm one of the Whiz Kids and see if I can get my house wifi from the park. But I've got a VPN and cell signal so there's really no need

I'm aiming maybe this weekend to mount these things in more permanent places. Hoping to have them both behind windows and relatively protected from the elements even though they're supposedly meant to be outdoors.

One of the buildings is my workshop where I kinda hope to do some workbench streams again someday. Backyard wifi is the big thing though.

@lmorchard HAH

that's one way to make it possible to sit outside

@robdaemon Yeah, our house is like a Faraday cage with all the plaster and lathe and metal mesh in the walls

@lmorchard eeeek

I have a hard enough time with drywall in a two story house and having a small area just on the deck that wifi works

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