Here's the recent hot take which escaped my brain onto the birdsite:

What if - and stay with me here for a sec - the entire point of civilization is to make life less hard for each other?

It seems like a waste for evolution to arrive at brains with both individual & social intelligence that can work together to achieve goals within living generations - only to have us double down on competition that mostly works across dead generations.

@lmorchard but what if that isn't the point and we make the world a better place for no reason

@lmorchard indeed, the only question is how we get started

@lmorchard "The Evolution of Grandparents"
"The rise of senior citizens may have played a big role in the success of our species"

there are other articles out there, which talk about archeologists finding evidence that (shocker) societies that took care of the injured, disabled, elderly, etc., members, thrived very well, thank you.
(I really want to find the broken thigh bone injuries article, but no luck yet.)
competition has some use, but taking care of each other = better.

@lmorchard I don't know or even care whether that is the main point of civilization. For me, certainly, it's its main -selling- point. Enough to make me very aggressively anti-anti-civ, anyway. Anti-civ types would like us to believe it's just another technology of social control. Even assuming that's true, its ability to make life less hard more than offsets that for me. If you want your life not to be a means to someone else's end, you want technology you get to control. And civilization.

@lmorchard An engaging, hypothetical thought experiment ... hmmm ....

@lmorchard On a more serious note ...

If one understands "the point" as an aspiration, a goal, I am up for the debate.

On the other hand and in the first place, though, civilization fostered specialization and stratification with not so nice consequences. In general.

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