Requested an archive of all my data from Flickr, since it looks like they're cracking down on freeloaders more soon. The archive came in the form of 20 ZIP files of about 1-2GB each, full of images with obscure names and stripped of any date information. I guess that's... cool?

I joined Flickr back in 2004 and have accumulated 9762 photos, many of which are not public. I guess I could pay for an account, but I haven't really used it since 2018.

Really all I want is a download of the photos organized at least by year. Guess I'll google round a bit for a script or utility that does that. I'd found a few over the years, but it seems like they've all bit-rotted


I guess there's an accompanying "account data" .zip with a bunch of .json files with ID numbers corresponding to part of all the filenames - so maybe I could apply modification times from those and sort things into folders if I can get them all to match up

Ohhh there's exif data on all the images, though. So that's handy at least!

Hey, you wanna see an ugly-ass shell script to munge Flickr JSON data into Flickr-exported image EXIF tags?

for jsonfn in ./lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-metadata/photo_*.json; do
photonum=$(echo $jsonfn | cut -d_ -f2 | cut -d. -f1);
photofn=$(ls -1 ./lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-orig/*${photonum}* | head -1);
exiftool -m \
-o lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-tagged \
-tagsfromfile $jsonfn \
"-DateTimeDigitized<Date_imported" "-DateTimeOriginal<Date_taken" "-ImageDescription<Description" "-DocumentName<Name" \

It's garbage, but at least now I have almost 20 years worth of photos sorted into folders by year

Oh yeah, and this exiftool command actually did the directory-sorting once all the metadata was crammed in from Flickr

exiftool -m -d %Y "-directory<DateTimeOriginal" ../lmorchard-2022-flickr-backup-tagged/

@lmorchard that's what i ended up using. it was a pain, but i made a batch script to rename them with the date time from the exif

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