Watched Star Trek: Strange New Worlds last night and I was pleased they went straight for the notion that Star Trek is a post-post-apocalyptic setting. Like, it’s a hopeful future, but also a warning.

I also have this head canon where Earth in Star Trek is like a Disneyland reconstruction of old places in slightly wrong locations, because the records were lost and the land was changed after wars and 100s of years recovery.

Like, yeah there’s a San Francisco, but it’s where Seattle used to be. Star Trek IV would have gone a bit differently. And Sisko’s New Orleans is further north, atop the ruins of Memphis, TN because the gulf moved inland. Picard’s Paris is actually in old central Germany, etc.

@lmorchard I feel like the best headcanon theories are the ones that can never really be disproven.

@technomancy @lmorchard

Yes, like my fan theory that The Culture is in every fandom. Even if you don't see it.

Jason Mendoza is really Cheradenine Zakalwe.

@emma @technomancy @lmorchard reminds me of the reconstructed earth in Hyperion, though different (don't want to spoil it though 😅)

@lmorchard this would explain why a particular thing that happens towards the end of DS9 seems (according to an onscreen map) to affect Colma but it seems like they are talking about San Francisco

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