@lmorchard I have 5 or 6 of those around here somewhere.

Ask me about the time J Jovan Philyaw threatened to sue me.

@lmorchard I had one of these in the 90s and even built a sling against the wall for it, since it only had a PS/2 keyboard connector and only worked with catscratch and UPC barcodes.

@lmorchard Vaguely recall the Cue:Cat only works with PS/2 keyboard interfaces and can take another keyboard like basically anything else but the Cue:Cat was specifically a keyboard device on PS/2. It was a borderline obsolete device for the era it was invented, as I recall.

@BalooUriza yeah, the one use I had for it was scanning my books into a personal catalog in a weekend hyperfocus spree that I never repeated nor maintained. Whatever the software was, it accepted the garbage the cuecat typed from a barcode scan as a pretend keyboard

@lmorchard I'm pretty sure Catscratch barcodes were both born and died with this device's lifespan. Like the only use I can see for libraries to scan library barcodes.

@lmorchard@hackers.town I think I might still have one of those around somewhere. Who doesn't want a sleek cat shaped barcode scanner.

@lmorchard @thegibson I gutted one of those and installed laser-pointer guts in it back when laser pointers were still new hotness. It was glorious, and now I miss it and want to get hold of a new one and do it again.

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