@lindsays I managed to find one source that was not quite as expensive. Key was searching for Grade 5 Titanium which is for mechanical applications rather than grade 1/2 which is chemically pure and used as electrodes.
And I figure what I lose in material choice I gain in strength & ease of anodising. I really didn’t want to get into the (even more expensive) mess of powder coating or anodising & dyeing aluminium.

@lindsays currently thinking about how to most easily cut nice blanks from the sheet. Markup fluid + laser cutter to scribe outline, then shears/scroll saw... then how to finish edges? I don’t know how much I wanna freehand it with a dremel, and manual filing would take ages. I need a die filer...

@lindsays I have access to small CNC router, but workholding for a flat sheet nearly entirely taken up by cutouts makes that a tricky prospect.


@s0 'course, there's also the option of two pieces of tape, sticky parts to the table then the work piece, superglue those together to hold it in place... i don't know how well that'd work though.

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