Money request, not a prank, tail 

... i am trying to get a tail, of the kind that can move with one and everything. At the moment, it looks like the best option is The Tail Company. Getting a tail is an attempt at mitigating some of my species dysphoria, and of course, being a snow leopard, my tail is long.
All told, i am looking at approximately $300 for a tail. If anybody has some money they can spare to help, i would absolutely appreciate the heck outta you.

Liberapay: Lindsayschmocker

Money request, tail, alternative method 

Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

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Re: Money request, not a prank, tail 


i have nothing to give at the moment but i hope you reach your goal! I've been following The Tail Company on social media for a while and they look extremely promising especially after what a flop the necomimi headset and matching tail were

Money request, not a prank, tail 

@lindsays I can't offer any money, but I can tell you that The Tail Company do high quality stuff and that their people are lovely. It's a good choice.

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