Hi yes dear Synapse developers:
Having an "Admin API" is NOT the equivalent of an Admin GUI interface. Quit saying that the API does everything we need. It doesn't cover everything, and what it does cover isn't easy!!

An Admin who spends enough of her time on the command line already

@lindsays .m *notebook out* oh? what do you look for in an admin GUI? >3>

@lindsays hm now I wonder how difficult it would be to write one. If they have an existing API for a lot of stuff that would take the pain out of it... sounds like it could be a fun project for us!

@lindsays Of course getting new stuff added to the API would probably be a royal pain and we'd have to do plenty of that, /but/.

@IceWolf @lindsays not hard just time consuming and probably more time consuming than it seems since they have a 1/800th baked admin CLI that doesn't even make all the common calls. my most common action on my matrix server is remove any remote media older than 90days, That is a pain in the butt script that doesn't always successfully run because it doesn't always get a valid auth token.

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