OpenSourceStudio update 

So, it's been a bit since i've talked about OSStudio, for which i apologize to everyone who followed me specifically for updates on that. Note on that bit in a moment.

i didn't realize just how much there was going to be to the basic electronics behind this project, so i've been spending some time learning. Been obtaining parts slowly, and schooling myself on electronics basics. i think i do have some idea of what the next steps are now that i've covered some of the knowledge gap.

The next step is specifically to work on getting audio into and out of an analog system -- probably starting with a line source. Once we have working line in and out, next step will likely be microphone in and out, and then hi-z sources (e.g. electronic guitars). When we have analog audio fashioned into something usable, then converting to digital and getting it into computers in the next step. There will be some coding at that point... which is probably the next knowledge gap!

And onto the bit i mentioned near the beginning. i'm working on setting up a new Fedi account specifically for the project, where i intend on posting further updates. i will likely make a reply to this post with the account name, once it has content on it.

Hopefully talk to y'all again soon!


OpenSourceStudio update 

Project Account! @opensourcestudio
This will get all further updates for the project!

Thanks, all

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