... kay so my curiosity is getting the better of me. on average, how much time do you spend listening to music a day? constrained to time spent awake. please boost cuz i'm curious.

@lindsays before i listened to podcasts at work like 10 hours? now maybe 1.5 or 2 hours on average.

@haveheart yeah, that's super valid. podcasts are certainly a good from of "entertainment" for lack of better terms

@lindsays great passive entertainment! definitely makes my day go by quicker. but i listen to music when i walk places or get ready for my day and at the gym

Now if you count the music in my head... 85-90%

Yeah, I guess so. I guess as long as you hear it you're listening to it. If you happen to be able to tweak it in detail to suit your mood that's just better!

@HiRezCanDo @lindsays Oh I voted 0-25% but if you count music accompanying youtube video, video games, and music in my head I'm closer to 95% ><"

@lindsays it used to be like, 75% of the day, but since i write, i can't usually have music playing anymore. its restricted to cleaning or cooking times now.

@lindsays i also include music in my head, for which i typically have no fewer than three songs running concurrently at any given waking moment

@lindsays if I didnt deal with others it jumps to close to 50%

and if my headphones break... 0% 😭
@lindsays If I don't have music playing, I get twitchy.
@lindsays It's actually a really good way to know if I'm having some serious brain drama. If I'm sitting with no music, it's probably baaad. Some fuzziness for "this machinery is making weird noise so stfu while I track it down"

@sungo @lindsays :flan_think:​ it's the opposite for me. Needing noise means it's time to cover something up.

@pamela @lindsays my partner have very different needs that way. They listen to audiobooks pretty constant and I've got music going constant. I'm sure other folks would think it super weird but we both rock headphones a lot when we're both home. We also have very different taste in music.

@sungo @lindsays That's probably a lot more common than we think. :flan_think:​ I know plenty of people who always have something running. tbh I'm surprised this doesn't come up often on dating sites and such, seems a huge compatibility issue.

I keep thinking I'd really enjoy noise-cancellation stuff, and meant to borrow and try a pair, then forgot. ooooops

@pamela @lindsays I adore the active noise cancelling headphones I bought recently. I recognize that my use case of "spends a lot of time around 3d printers with loud fans" is not a common one but they work really well for that.
@pamela @lindsays they were also super expensive so they'd better work well for my use cases or they're going back. :)

@sungo @pamela @lindsays Noise canceling headphones and Brian Eno’s ambient catalog save the lives of my coworkers on a regular basis.

@pamela @sungo @lindsays well, at hackathons you of course need Bob canceling headphones :flan_royal:

@AFresh1 @florian @sungo @lindsays I just went up 14 flights of a dormitory when it got too loud

@sungo @lindsays me too. doctors won't prescribe me any anxiolytic; constant music is the best i can do.

suicide mention 

@lindsays I can't live without music, stops me feeling so horribly alone

@lindsays definitely not as much as I used to. I used to have radio or my PC's mediaplayer (#Foobar2000 at the time) on all the time while I was at home, and while I was out and about I would use an mp3 player.
Nowadays I rarely listen to music, and when I do it's usually via #Spotify.

@lindsays I have headphones on 90% of the day but most of the time I'm listening to essays or documentaries or other informative long form stuff - I listen to music 100% of my time outside though~

@lindsays From the time I get home until bed, so about six hours? It’s usually the radio though, so I’m not always really paying attention too closely. That and maybe 1-3 hours at work depending on what I’m doing

@lindsays sadly my average time is way down lately, unless you count podcasts. I can only listen to music at work on certain days due to the constraints of my job, but when I can, it's usually as close to 8h as possible. I've been playing more videogames and such lately, too, and not listening to as much music proper.

@lindsays @rey Quite a lot if you expand it to expand every form of audio content. My thoughts by themselves are scary and I need a way to mute them.

@lindsays oh gosh. it varies but i'd put myself at 3-4 hours a day on average?? i'll usually listen while walking/riding the bus and sometimes while working or writing too

@lindsays I put 50-75% but that dips down a lot if I am on an audiobook kick.

@lindsays i voted 26%–50% but itʼd be higher if i remembered to put on a new album after the old one finished instead of walking around with my headphones on and nothing playing like a doofus

I switched to podcasts and I'm either in my car or in my work truck for about 14 hrs a day... All podcasts except in rare circumstances when I want to listen to music

@lindsays 2.5 hours of music per day, including the zero music days.

@lindsays at least 50-75%, but some days much more. The right music helps me think. The right music helps me not think.

@lindsays I need to listen to music more often. Does music in your head count? 😅

@lindsays Almost always classical or jazz. The less voice the better, and nearly always classical these days.

I'd prefer more meditative (e.g., plainchant -- where voices *don't* interfere) or other early music, though I have less access to that than I'd like.

Virtually anything in the pop genres (rock & c.) interferes with thinking.

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