Hey y'all, what specifically are we mad at cloudflare for? Because i don't remember the exact stuff and i just don't have the spoons to hunt it down right now

@sean @lindsays I know they recently had an outage that took several places offline.

@lindsays We're mad at them for inflicting captchas on Tor users.

And for mounting the most successful man-in-the-middle attack campaign against TLS in the history of TLS. 😄

And... for giving away geeky services for free? Oh, and for working with Mozilla on making DNS more private.

We're also extra mad at them for being very good at what they do. That's really annoying.

@lindsays Per a friend, Cloudflare, Google, Amazon and Verizon all did... something that broke huge chunks of the internet today.

No idea if it was a joint FUBAR or individual SNAFUs that had a synergistic affect, but I folks who said that half of their usual internet stuff was inaccessible today.

i didn't notice anything, but I was offline much of the day, so I wouldn't have.

@lindsays And actively working with the NSA, as far as I know.

@lindsays My summary is three fold. First, they've been clear that they will do business with anyone and only reject customers that are outright illegal to deal with. On the record saying they'd work with ISIS if it weren't illegal. Second, they have a policy of forwarding all complaints on to the domain holder. Send a complaint to Cloudflare about Daily Stormer and they will forward that email in its entirety directly to the Daily Stormer. They, in particular, are known for going after anyone who sends a complaint. Third, the way cloudflare works, they can inspect all traffic to my site.
@sungo @lindsays Except they dropped the daily stormer, but yes. Your point is still valid.

@sungo @lindsays Tolerance of anything not outright illegal, in a nation with a Nazi sympathetic president, is Nazi sympathy.

@octet33 @sungo absolutely agreed. Thank you for the response.

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