So... i have so many projects going on.

For starters, i work on two different podcasts as an audio engineer, which I love doing. Raising the Dead Again (finishing up a hiatus) and WZED (which is currently in early editing). My spouse and I are also recording a podfic of one of our absolute favorite fanfictions.

Even though it's slow progress, there's the server project. Self-hosting so much stuff. Wikis, a writing space, nextcloud, personal samba4 setup, xmpp, minecraft servers, personal bookmarks.... a lot of stuff.

Part of the reason i'm doing the selfhosted server project is because i want to be able to work on a universe and various stories based in that universe, and be able to do it from anywhere without having to fight with other stuff. And also keeping it off google and stuff. Which. Creating a sci-fi universe set a few hundred years in the future. Been focusing on a lot of kinda technical shit in the process, because for some reason my brain randomly likes to throw that shit out there, and it goes in the universe.

In the real world, i'm currently working with a team at my local makerspace to build an enormous 3d printer (plus a bunch of other things - drag knife, maybe cnc, multiple types of print heads...). The print bed on this thing is intended to be a four foot cube. Been enjoying engineering on that and I spent two hours tonight putting together nuts and t-bolts because they're much cheaper than regular t-track nuts. we're making a major push to try and get it done this week.

And also because i simply just *can't* separate my vanilla and non-vanilla lives, i'm veeerry slowly prototyping a metal collar and cuff set with the intention of eventually being a local metal worker providing kink items to my local community.

And then my bun-partner and i are slowly playing our way through the Halo series at the moment, and also occasionally Borderlands. And minecraft.

Overall... so many projects. They keep me busy.

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