Must... push through...

Luckily the impending actual storm will provide some breathing room.

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systemd service sandboxing and security hardening 101:

– systemd is used as the default init system of many Linux distributions.
– This guide uses systemd-analyze.

#systemd #systemdanalyze #hardening #infosec #security #cybersecurity

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#Facebook has released more of their computer vision road detection results for nearly all countries for """"import"""" into #OpenStreetMap

And the data is bad.

We’ve reached the eye of the storm. Now there’s a day to relax, but the other side looks pretty grim.

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written on the top of the first page of my planner for january...

Hindsight is the delusion we use to plan the future.

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If you're hanging around waiting around a retail strip, use #OpenStreetMaps! Instead of killing time, use the OSMAnd app on #Android to edit the map and add shops, opening times, add descriptions, tag addresses, add websites, add wheelchair accessibility tags... An hour of wandering around during inevitable Christmas layby time can add lots of #opensource map data!

sad haiku 

Time to run old gear in an emergency. This can only go well.

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#BlenderBIM can now do construction documentation, clash detection, and proxy materials and objects. We can do commercial projects completely without any proprietary software. Version controlled with Git. 100% free and open source pipeline to build buildings.

See all the latest updates now:

This. This changes things. A lot.

Go #opensource. Go #OpenBIM. Quit #Revit. Quit #Autodesk.


Anecdotal Unifi controller setup FYI. 

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Since I just used this in a conversation here and had almost forgotten about this movie. Here is the legendary Suicide from Ski Patrol.

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Hey new townies! We're trying a book club! You can follow at the tags #TechnicolorRainbow @TechnicolorRainbow

Comment on those tags too, but CW any spoilers.

We're currently reading Cory Doctorow's Walkaway.

Borrow from your library or from someone you know with a copy.

If you're buying a copy, consider getting from his site. He sells it DRM free, and the cut that'd go to Amazon he instead keeps.

If you can't swing it, we'll find you a copy.


I’m an engineer (the applied science kind), formerly an architectural designer, and even more formerly a photographer and videographer. Self-employed.

I spend just enough time in the office to get carpal tunnel and just enough time in the field to wreck my knees. Stupid ...

Random sampling of interests: GNU/Linux, bike racing, mapping, urban sketching, remote sensing, web security.

Proficient at many things, master of mostly nothing.

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