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I’m an engineer (the applied science kind), formerly an architectural designer, and even more formerly a photographer and videographer. Self-employed.

I spend just enough time in the office to get carpal tunnel and just enough time in the field to wreck my knees. Stupid ...

Random sampling of interests: GNU/Linux, bike racing, mapping, urban sketching, remote sensing, web security.

Proficient at many things, master of mostly nothing.

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Head's up to those who use such things: I'm not sure who the guilty party is, but this is now the second time my keepass database has gotten corrupted on a keepassdroid / syncthing setup.

it was working last night sigh

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I was asked to share the vacancy maps done in #OpenStreetMap again. Here is Youghal with the vacant/ abandoned buildings in red (top left is the Carnegie Library, btw). And here is the query:
#DerelictCork #DerelictIreland


Good problems? 

As is always the way:

1. Yay! A couple of good jobs so I don’t have to stress for the next couple of weeks! (Not that the jobs themselves aren’t stressful, but obviously better than the alternative.)

2. Yay! The PinePhone finally delivers today!

3. Wait… BOO! I’m going to be too busy to mess with it because of work!

Anyway, maybe I’ll just fire it up tonight and immediately start daily-driving it. What’s the worst that could happen?

Hmmm. Maybe just me then.

Anyway, if you support Windows clients *without* Google Chrome installed and you have issues, you may get a quick fix by asking users to point a Chromium-based browser at:


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Anyone else hit by the DST Root CA X3 expiry in an unexpected way?

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Refurbished Google Pixel 3 w/ 64gb is under $100USD at

Looks like the cheapest option with regards to getting started on

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Is there a preferred pypi naming convention for workflow packages?

A collection of dependencies and code in place to make a person or team's life easier & only maybe useful to others. Perl has Task::*, and npm seems fond of "preset".

Wondering if there's that for .

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political corruption 

Welcome to hell, get ahead by assuming that our government is obscenely corrupt, and copy their stock trades!

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New fundraiser about to drop... a "From many, One" theme. New Cyberia has risen from the void overs the past 5 yrs. It's not gonna stop now.


and I cannot stress this next part enough...


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frustration, caps, swearing - void screaming basically 


(Thank whatever for these battery backups anyway.)

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Are there any peertube instances of content friendly to / aimed toward kids?

It’s always DNS 

Except when it’s a stupid secondary firewall misconfiguration.

Just configured my first two public facing Apache servers!

*gestures in a washing-my-hands of things kind of way while turning around and walking away*

Luckily they’re perfectly secure on the first try and I never have think about them ever again.

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Fedi, I need a new laptop. My current one cannot daily drive at this point. But I suck at searching for things and all that.
Desired specs:
4GB RAM Minimum
Hard disk/ssd doesn't matter, I have like 8 HDDs.
Some form of I3 or better series or equivalent CPU.
Doesn't throw a fit with linux.

I was thinking some sort of thinkpad but you're welcome to recommend other brands.
My budget is about $1000 dollars.

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More veg-growing sufficiency blather 

Increasingly feeling that "forcing" plants for winter should be a key part of any growing plan for healthy (maybe partial) sufficiency. Basically you're banking up sunshine for winter, and you get to reap the fresh vitamins and flavours when nothing else grows in midwinter.

Doing this with Rhubarb is famous, but Chicory/Endive can be forced to yield a cabbage/lettuce type veg, and I have a feeling one could force dandelions (even wild ones) too.

Sprouts, too, can act like a midwinter bank - stored beans, peas, brassica seeds, etcetera can be made larger and more nutritious with a little investment of time and effort. If one is set up to go a little further and do "microgreens" then you can even add to the dry weight and energy value.

I have a little cheap crappy greenhouse I bought for <100 years ago that's still standing - tiewraps do wonders to reinforce those cheap clip-together structures and it's even endured a few storms. I'll perhaps try some wild dandelion forcing and microgreens in there this winter, though if it's cold then some will have to be done indoors.

As to forcing tastier things.. I have a tastier dandelion variety to grow, and I've ordered seeds for partially-perrennial chicories/endives to try next year. Some will stay in the beds for the year after as a perennial salad, others I'll try forcing. We'll see how far I can take it for fresh leaf/head veg.

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