@l4nn1312 Also I strongly approve of the lack of penguins

@l4nn1312 Seriously, though, Rust is a treat. It is the language I've wanted for so many years and the best part is I didn't have to design it myself. 😂

@anahata It looks really cool! Feels harder to pick up than Go though but I’m sure I can do it :P

@l4nn1312 Go is... not my favorite programming language, for a variety of reasons. Rust, however, I want to use for everything.

Wholeheartedly recommend getting a copy of Programming Rust if you decide to learn.

@anahata I got a copy from my uni library! What do you not like about go may I ask? It’s not my favorite either but I like how easy it is to pick up and it has pretty great performance (and compiles quickly)

@l4nn1312 It's an extremely long read that I'm still working through myself, but, yeah, it's pretty damning.

@l4nn1312 I can still see aluminium, so I think not 🙃

@l4nn1312 you forgot the old CCCP stickers (Soviet union)

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