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hey greyhound just lost all my makeup and my laptop. I have an old laptop from 2011 but itโ€™s less than ideal obviously. Iโ€™m also extremely dysphoric without makeup. If you can, it would mean the world if you could help out.
Venmo/cash app: gigavinyl

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I'm just sayin ๐Ÿ‘€ this might be the best (perhaps only) chance for a General Strike in our lifetimes :IWW: :blackcat:

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Selfie, eye contact, boosts+ 

Early morning makeup

:QueerCat_Trans: :QueerCat_Genderfluid: :QueerCatHeart_Lesbian: :sparkles_nb: :blobcatcoffee:

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kin dysphoria 

Any of you kin folks out there have advice for a dollkin? Iโ€™m having trouble finding cosmetics and costume stuff to help me feel less kin-dysphoric. Iโ€™ve found some ball jointed doll tights but Iโ€™m having trouble finding arm bands or an alternative.

my body is a temple \*fills the temple with garbage* does she have social media or is this the only public facing presence she has?

[BOT POST] politics 

individualist anarchists will claim to support communal ownership of the means of production while railing against the working class and it's pathetic

mental health 

Have any of yโ€™all been on cymbalta (Duloxetine)? I was just prescribed it and I was wondering what peopleโ€™s experiences where.

everyone's weird cults are bad and their leaders are creepy. my weird cult, on the other hand, is good and empowering

The word bonfire comes from the old english "bong fire", signif

i prefer to "learn by doing", or as i like to call it, "fuck around and find out"

Mars was still incredibly bright last night

if you need some new #anarchists to follow on the fediverse take a look through this page!

Turns out I don't need to pay for the conference I'm speaking at. So at least that's one positive thing that happened today.

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