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How do you find time to get caught up on your RSS feeds and personal projects?

Resisting the urge to replace the suburban sprawl flags at the ends of my development with the technical bear flag

Hey fediverse: I have a friend whose business is stuck using Wix as their hosting provider (including mail, apparently) and they need to move off of it. Mail to some clients gets rejected, which is a problem.

I'm not clear on all the details, but the friend is willing to pay for support in migrating away. There is a snag of some form (again, details unclear right now) that has made just dropping Wix a problem. That will likely be the brunt of the work.

For various reasons I can't do it, so if you are up for what is hopefully a small job DM me or email me at the address in my profile. I'll get more details if you're interested.

I ain’t a dad but that didn’t stop me from ordering myself a big old box of meat with a Father’s Day promo code

I straight up just took a nap. It was luxurious.

I've got more time to hang out here today since I have meetings basically every hour and zero maker time today. Get paid either way.

What are tunes you only hear at the grocery store that you actually enjoy?

Here are three of mine

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore
Breathe In by Frau Frau
Barely Breathing by Duncan Shiek

Imagine if Facebook didn't exist. What a boon for humanity that would be

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Using Worldcat to find books then going to eBay or the library is so much more satisfying then searching Google/Amazon

We have these policies where I can do nearly anything I want on a Windows server and I can't even have cron access on a Linux box.

Sharif don’t like it 

By order of the Prophet
We ban that [animated feature film]
Degenerate the faithful
With that crazy [Buzz Lightyear]

Gun violence 

Get in on this year’s hottest back to school trend. Body armor and bulletproof backpacks.

@jjg My 5 yo asked me a question today that I had no good answer for. "If it's forty-four and sixty-six and seventy-seven why isn't it two-dee two and fivety-five?" X-D

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