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I ordered a XLR to TS cable for my mic so I can plug it into the Kaoss Pad

Aside from this lingering cough, I'm feeling better. Last night's jam session really gave me a boost of confidence.

I coaxed an EBM track out of this tonight. It’s bad, but I’m learning so much.

Here’s the email for anyone that wants to read it:


Many of you have noticed the graphic that's appeared on the HOPE website recently. There is meaning behind it.

While beginning preparations for the next HOPE conference, we were stunned to hear of the plan to triple the cost to us from the hotel. This would pretty much make HOPE impossible, at least not without it becoming the kind of conference we never wanted. The purpose of HOPE is to make the world of hackers and technology accessible, and that means affordable. We could become one of those corporate events that charge thousands of dollars. But we would never feel as proud of what we're able to create with the hacker community every two years.

This crisis gets worse as much of 2600's revenue comes from sales at the conference. Losing HOPE, combined with the ever-increasing challenge of printing an advertiser-free publication in a world of vanishing bookstores and rising costs, could paint a very dire picture for us.

No doubt that prospect fills many powerful entities with glee, as we've taken great pride in being the right thorns in the right sides for over 35 years. That alone is reason to fight this with every ounce of strength we can summon.

We've been sued, we've been threatened, and we've faced extinction on a number of occasions. And one thing we've learned is that times like these are when this community truly shines. We don't intend to be defeated by this and we have no intention of giving up on the prospects of HOPE in 2020. But we can't do it by magic.

And so we call on you to put forth ideas, suggestions, and opinions. How important is HOPE to you? Do you know of a better place where we can host it? How can we come up with ways to make the event even better? Does HOPE have to be in a hotel? Does HOPE need to be in Manhattan? Etc.

There are many things to think of and to brainstorm about. And there is no better group to turn to at a time like this for inspiration and new ideas. Time and again, it's right when we're supposed to be at our lowest that we come back stronger than ever, precisely because of our community's creativity, intelligence, and refusal to give up. Please send your thoughts to and be a part of history. Because we're not going to let this stop us.

The HOPE Staff

How can help?

It's time to keep HOPE alive.

Too many of these conferences are falling away, but HOPE is a bridge too far!

I'm sure most of you received the email about the Future of HOPE (tl;dr Hotel Penn has tripled the rental price for the convention). What were your first thoughts?

I'd hate to see a venue change, as HOPE is synonymous with midtown and there's honestly nothing quite like climbing out of Penn Station into the chaos of the streets and walking the 100 or so yard to the HoPenn.

What can we do? Maybe AC? since it's declining and prices are cheaper? I don't know enough about the nuances and complexities to give a valid suggestion, honestly.

Uh oh 

I also grilled a bunch of turkey burgers. 🤤

I got some slightly overripe peaches from market today for pretty cheap, so I made peach drop cake.

I’m trying really hard to make an EBM track with just 4 pieces of kit and no DAW, but the snare on the Volca Beats is just appalling.

I want to be at home working on projects, but I really should just eat my soup and go to bed

Getting some hot and sour soup (my goto when I’m not feeling well) this chinese place is low-key dingy and I’m very ok with that.

Think i picked up some summer crud. Sore throat and coughing.

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