*Stefon voice*

New York's hottest social media network is MASTODON.

Opened by a cute german boy in 2016, this left-wing wack shack has EVERYTHING: twinks, furries, winos, anarchists, depression...


So, I'm thinking about teaching that Jetson Nano how to identify luchadors by their masks. Does that sound dumb?

@kot Made a bunch of excuses and put it off. Looking like Friday's project at this point.

Well shit, can’t remember the root password to my router and it’s not in my pw list. Looking like I’m gonna have to give it the vulcan nerve pinch and reroll everything

anyone ever: so what'd you do this weekend?
me: why! what did you hear?

@NOCARRIER Stay strong! All you have to do is get up one more time.

@ryen Striking is 60 minutes on Monday/Wednesday. Grappling is 90 minutes on Tuesday/Thursday

Last week I signed up for MMA training. The classes are 4 nights a week. I’m learning striking and grappling and I want to be in just one real match.

The problem is I’m old, I treated my body like garbage for a long time, and now when I need it, it’s a long climb.

This is the story of my life. The long steep hill to self.

It never really ends, does it? The act of taking responsibility, of deciding to be anything but numb, means that one accepts a process that must be continually renewed, not just when the whim strikes, but *every damn day*.

Learning new things. Undertaking new disciplines. Turning intention into attention, and not flagging.

Every day I feel it takes more than I have, and every day I find something else. And if I'm honest, it's only that which keeps me alive.

That NPR speech pattern, but me telling you to go fuck yourself.

do yall ever jack off and eat keloggs cornflakes just to spite the ghosts of a weird eugenics guy that thought cornflakes would stop jacking off

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