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Delta-8 THC is no joke. Very nice low.

Someone asked me if I could help them write some AI code to find some text in a string. Looking at the examples, it was obvious that a regex would do the job. "Just use regex" I said. "But that's old, I can do that" was the response. "Exactly" was my response. YAGNI

Just saw someone claim that “Don’t roll your own crypto” was gatekeeping.
I think that’s enough Internet for me today.

Quicksort is when you treat an array as if it were a tree

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I got 2/3 of my Gandalf short haul #modems working! Now I can theoretically do RS232 over miles of two-pair. Still want to fix the third modem but that might be tricky. #modempunk

I just want trade quests in Freelancer so I can be a space trucker and wear a hat and eat space eggs and drink bad space coffee and bitch about space police on the space CB....

Anyone else having issues with the YouTube app on Roku? At times the app won't launch and the only way I can get it to launch again is to do a soft-restart of the Roku and check the app for an update (even if there isn't one)

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