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POV: you are wasting your life on the most inconsequential of petty bullshit

We're vicious creatures and we're all taking turns.

Anyone have an old IronKey Basic D250?

Spent the day doing yard work. Now drinking a beer and eating Sonoran hotdogs.

Up for a #retrocomputing challenge? The Interim Computer Museum is offering access to TSS/8 once again. See for details

Chillin' on the REAL boomer discord, HAM RADIO.

New personal rule. Cake is only for breakfast or special occasions.

So, I have the Microsoft Comfort Keyboard (pictured.) It's great, no problems, no coplaints, but I am a tech guy so I am still thinking of upgrading it. I like the curvy ergonomic shape. When I look for new keyboards from M$, however, they all seem to do that split thing they love so much, and that doesn't work for me (with my weird left hand dominant typing style.)

Anyone know of any high quality, curvy-but-not-split options?

(Mouse combo and Bluetooth is a plus.)

Got my vaccine today. They had the J&J so I’m one and done. This is a good feeling.

Damn is good coax expensive.

LMR-400UF is about $1.75/ft 😳

My friend's shop is hiring Sr. Software Engineers (and other positions).

Please boost. I'm tired of hearing him complain about no available talent.

Does anyone know if there's an up-to-date reference similar to this (10-year-old!) site?

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