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I fucked up. William Gibson is in town and is speaking for free at a place that’s 20 minutes from home. I can’t go because I didn’t follow my own rule of minimizing personal responsibilities.

Just played Rock the Casbah and The Call Up at a VFW. 😈

Xfinity running stores like apple feels like capitalist death warmed over.

Dashing from TX to PA. Thought it was going to be close but nah, I had enough time to scarf down a burger.

Sorry for the radio silence. Here’s what’s going down.

I changed jobs
I’m relocating to TX
I joined a professional wrestling school

No lie.
Here’s looking at you 2020

Sorry I haven't been here in a while, working on a new job and a big move. More later...

Yeah. It’s really good. Definitely my speed.

Finally got a copy of New Rose Hotel. Watching it now.

Cyborg Marilyn Monroe analog on a polyester blanket? How’s your Sunday?

Been stuck in a loop for the past couple of weeks. Getting on a plane to Austin in a few hours, hoping to clear my head this weekend.

Right now on bear cam there's a little guy repeatedly jumping in the water, running out, shaking himself out, and jumping back in, just fyi

Comcast took Comet off of my channels. It was the only channel I watched.

customize everything you use often,
change your workflow to suit yourself,
upgrade, overclock, run silent

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