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The SubGenius documentary is worth the 4.99. 👽

The thing I'm looking most forward to today? A very fast cold front that's supposed to kill this October heat.

And that's enough computer for tonight. Time to go watch some memes and unwind.

Started writing a review of the Ken Williams Sierra On-Line book. About 1/3 of the way through. I haven't written a book review since high-school, so I don't know if it's actually any good. However, for a number of reasons I feel compelled to write about this.

I should just edit my HTML in Seamonkey

Anyone have a recommendation for an Atari ST emulator?

Well, it's a spooktober miracle. All of my birdsite issues have been resolved though a bit of guessing and keeping good notes.

Well, I wasn't able to get a developer account for birdsite. So I'm uploading my export to Tweetdeleter, going to tidy up that shit.

You know what's dumb? Giving your users RSS feeds that only deliver the preview of the article. It is, SO dumb.

@jshmlr don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas. But only after Santa’s commands everyone to consume at the end of the Thanksgiving parade.

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The TV in this waiting room has Christmas shit playing.

Note to self. Stick a paperback in your cargo pocket.

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