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Any peertube instance recommendations?

Anyone else having issues with the YouTube app on Roku? At times the app won't launch and the only way I can get it to launch again is to do a soft-restart of the Roku and check the app for an update (even if there isn't one)

Big Brother meets America Online meets Mexican pop music meets 199X.

Thank me later

I'm not sure of what to make of the Freenode drama yet.

Computer ads in the 1990s were such an aesthetic.

I had a dream about a continuation of the Underground Railroad called The Kopetėlės, which acted like a united diaspora, with its own currency and laws. Kopetėlės is Lithuanian for ladder. I don’t speak a word of Lithuanian. 😳

Facebook oversight decided to keep the ban in place for Trump. But does anyone actually give a shit? Dismantle FB like yesterday.

Modem and Scanner playing music live together is all youtube I need to watch today.

Bought “GET REKT FAKED0G” from @c0debabe’s Redbubble store. A welcome addition to the laptop.

Is Your Son a Computer Hacker? (2001)

  1. Has your son asked you to change ISPs?
  2. Are you finding programs on your computer that you don't remember installing?
  3. Has your child asked for new hardware?
  4. Does your child read hacking manuals?
  5. How much time does your child spend using the computer each day?
  6. Does your son use Quake?
  7. Is your son becoming argumentative and surly in his social behaviour?
  8. Is your son obsessed with "Lunix"?
  9. Has your son radically changed his appearance?
  10. Is your son struggling academically?

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