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How many copied of Halcyon & On & On.mp3 are in your collection?

Currently hanging out on the SDFARC weekly net. If you're on Echolink jump on *9229* and say hello.

A cashless society helps no one but the credit card processors and locks out the poor. We need to knock this shit off

I think it’s time to write that twitter trimmer I’ve been planning to write. Something that keeps only the last handful interactions, or makes things up. Dunno..

Spent the day driving to Dallas and back to pick up a visiting parent. Got to stop at bucc-ee’s and eat lasagna (not at bucc-ee’s) so all in all not a total wash. Tomorrow I’ll turn a gallon of coffee into code.

Elon buying twitter dot com the website for $43 billion. Me who got it for free from the app store

Recent reports have been made to of one of our members taking pro-fascist views. We take reports seriously, as we don't want to become one of the less savory instances on fedi.

Moderation is key to avoid that fate.

In this particular instance, after having several mod team members investigate, we found no indicators of the activity reported.

No action was taken.

To be clear, we are an anti-fascist community, and several of our members are actively engage in anti-fascist activity whether here as a volunteer, or professionally.

We do this because we will not cede any part of the world to fascists, and we certainly will not cede the cyber domain to them.

thinking about a solution that would allow me to work with the garage door up. I have a lot of text files (in md format) that I make while I'm doing things that I either want to share or remember how I did it for later. It would be nice to have a system where I could commit these or whatnot and just have them available for public consumption until I get around to turning them into proper pages

installing wine, so i can install freelancer and play a little. also listening to sturm cafe

Okay, I need some maker help on this one.

This is a spring for a guitar tremolo. It snapped the other day due to corrosion. This part is required in order to string the guitar.

Unfortunately, this part is no longer manufactured and there are a scant 3 or 4 available in the WORLD, one of which I am probably going to buy soon.

However, it would be excellent to have a backup. I would love to hear about ways I could repair this or if someone out there is willing to do the repair, I'd be grateful (and will happily pay repair and shipping costs).

I don't even require that the spring be "springy", just that it be whole and solid.

dragging my feet updating a wishlist because it’s a fucking document that someone shoved into excel and weird formatted the fuck out of it.

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