Can anyone set me up with a #riseup invite? Asking for me.


Me neither. I was a fluke I stumbled across them.

Death By Tech Vault Leak for May 29th, 2020.

This post was for subscribers only a few months ago, but it has leaked from the vault for everyone now.

In this post, I take a dive into what personal data is actually worth.

Ok, here's the rest of the sticker pack. The two Hackers ones are gonna be used and the Hacking Time one.

Any other winners in here?

Between Twitter's AI censoring Trump's tweets and the hill of memes about Zuckerberg being dead, or a criminal, in response to his stance on not fact checking stuff, this is a very funny day.

Keep being you, internet.


I pretty much eschew CWs as unreasonable. I don't think it's my job to guess what will upset someone any more than it's my job to make sure I don't wear a yellow shirt so as to not offend people who may walk by me who don't like yellow shirts.

I do CW NSFW content, though, because I believe that is universal enough that it's not a random guessing game.

But I digress. I frequently take social media breaks, too. It's a valid self care step.

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IT-Crowd PSA:

We've upgrade our CryptPad instance at to CryptPad 3.18.0 Smilodon!
The [Release Notes][0] are worth a look and explain some of the background behind the staggering UI changes to improve usability.

Your feedback on this new release is welcome and appreciated!


Your random Linux command from #ManMeBot:

grub-reboot (8) - set the default boot entry for GRUB, for the next boot only

ManMeBot run by @jonw

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@jonw the activity is asynchronous: you can pop in and ask your question any time between 1200 UTC - 2000 UTC. And for someone to answer. πŸ‘


Is it really an 8 hour thing, or does it cycle so people can pop in and out?

I'm interested but I'm concerend about being associated with some of the bad traffic that comes through Tor. I'd like to learn more, I just can't dedicate 8 hours to it on a working day.

Thanks for running this!

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This Friday 29th, from 1200 UTC to 2000 UTC, we will teach you how to run a Tor bridge and answer questions about our anti-censorship technology.

Bridges are useful for Tor users living in oppressive regimes, and for people who want an extra layer of security because they're worried somebody will recognize that they are contacting a public Tor relay IP address.

The event will happen via text (not video or audio) on IRC.

More info:

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resolvconf (8) - manage nameserver information

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@jonw Print is in the Ingram global catalog, so I'd expect it to be available everywhere.

Even cranky bookstore owners can special order you a copy.

Or most ebook platforms, of course.


Where would a friendly Canadian get a copy of said book?

Asking for a friendly Can... aw, no. It's me. I'm asking for me!

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