That's a good one. I have been in this business long enough that I have a few doozies I wish I'd been more forward thinking about.

I have an upcoming technical interview with a developer. Which I'm not. And there's no expectation that I am. But still want to shine.

So, my developer colleagues, what type of stuff would you ask an infra/systems engineer without you yourself being an infra/systems engineer?

Curious what the view of my current role looks like from across the disciplines.


Yeah it's not clear toe either. I vaguely recall some internet pearl clutching when Apple put a song...maybe U2? on iphones automatically. Everyone lost their shit and if I recall correctly, Apple recanted and removed it. But I'm not sure a song (data file in itunes) is the same as an app.

Ah, good ol Cambridge Analytica is trending again on birdsite. That company's evilness survives the grave.

And this is why we'll still be sending text messages in 2050



Interesting. The general consensus on TWiT this week is that both Apple and Google can remotely remove apps from phones. In the context of TikTok...

I guess disabling the apps is good enough, though.

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True. It'd not an exact replica. It's much closer than Masto, though.

Being stuck with software that considers hashtags to be "community" is a little rough. 🤪

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Yep, that's the point I'm trying to make. The G+ circle functionality is basically available in Diaspora*. Mastodon is quite feature poor when compared to Diaspora*, but it's also not supposed to be Diaspora*. However, I think the people that lament the absence of more complex relationships than are available in Mastodon should look to Diaspora* instead of reinventing Mastodon (which is heavily similar to Twitter's simple connection model, presumably on purpose).

Whether it's a good idea, or implemented the same, or the right colour, or whatever, is a matter of personal taste which we'll never land on. G+ didn't exactly reach critical mass of users with its implementation, either.

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It also have "friends" so you can share stuff to different groups. It's the same Twitter/Facebook hybrid friend model that Google Plus had

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Yeah.. well, it has more feature so there are more buttons.

Definitely the two things are related. Lack of adoption can be attributed to the unfriendly UI and inability to attract developers can be attributed to lack of users.

Classic early problem that Diaspora* has never been able to mature out of.

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Actually, I take it back. The project's decision to not make a mobile app is likely what has relegated Diapora* to the sidelines.

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Diaspora* has this. I still can't figure out how Mastodon ended up dominating the Fediverse. Diaspora has many more features and it can support both one-way (Twitter) and two-way (Facebook) types of relationships.

Hey Fediverse: What's good to watch on YouTube? Historically, I just use it for tutorials and podcasts. But I'm told there's music and full shows etc on it (I am trying premium). I just don't know how to cut through the crap interface to discover anything new.

I'll accept 20% "you tube sucks, don't use it, it's google" etc. in answers but I insist on at least 80% constructive answers 😁

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