This is a good example at how much your phones and other devices keep chattering over the internet 24/7 even when you're not using them.

This is a graph of requests from the devices in my home to my personal DNS server. Virtually every internet request will show up here and I can see that there's just as much internet traffic at 2am as there is at 6pm.

What do my devices talk about? Mostly, they're sending private data offsite to their respective vendors (amazon, google, facebook, etc) which is why limiting things like internet microphones and cameras in your private spaces is the only way to control your data.

Everything you do (and say if you have an Echo or Google Home or the like) is sent offsite to....who? For what purpose? We'll never know and once it's gone, it's too late to bring it back.

Ah, Clean Browsing. Nice UI. I am a junky for data and stats on DNS.

Disclosure: friends run it, but I am not involved personally.

5G cellular is coming. And it's going to be fast. But who cares? Check out my latest post on Death By Tech for an overview of why you should, or shouldn't care about 5G.

Investigators have two opposing jobs:. Find the bad guys and warn us if bad things are coming our way. Internet data is a lure that cops can't resist. But we hate them for it. Here's some of my thoughts.

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My URL shortener is smart. When someone tries to chomp a URL it already knows about, Link Chomp returns the existing chomp instead of making duplicates.

You know things are getting real when I move my flagship domain to the authoritative DNS at!

Since I'm already taking about, here's an example of why I call it the "safe" URL shortener. It prevents people from obfuscating known bad URLs to keep everyone safer from phishing and download attacks.

This is an example of a Slack alert telling me this guy tried that.

See how much stuff you could learn if you followed the hashtag?? What are y'all even doing!

ManMeBot has posted 860 Linux commands since he was born. A fun little project I whipped up early in my Fediverse career.

"Shush Baby, The Algorithms Are Talking"

This is my latest post that explores how the "new" media of the 21st century looks a lot like the old media of yesteryear.

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Here's a fun one I wrote for your Friday. The Tale of the Emoji Mafia.

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Made a few updates to . It checks destination links against a black list (properly) now. I also added a quick 'copy' icon to copy the chomp to your clipboard for ease of pasting elsewhere.

That last feature is most useful to mobile users.

Two small items left on my RFB list and will be open for business!

This has been a fun project. Scratched a personal itch, got me into some nginx innards, and learned some new AWS tricks along the way.

And once I open it up, you ruffians are gonna break it in ways I hadn't considered so there will be another batch of stuff to learn.

Shooting for Thursday go-live.

New stickers waiting for me when I arrived home. Always order yourself something nice before you go on a work trip. It’s a surprise gift when you get home!

Seriously living like a king in the data centre in Frankfurt. If you’re in the habit of visiting data centres around the world you’ll know how rare things like tables are in the colos.

I thought this was cool. Trafalgar Square. This guy writes this out every day (I assume). It’s quite the effort.

I hope it retains its resolution upon upload so it’s still readable.

Yes, I left some £ for the pic I took.

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