A gift for the murderous psychopath in your life who has everything.

New stickers waiting for me when I arrived home. Always order yourself something nice before you go on a work trip. It’s a surprise gift when you get home!

Seriously living like a king in the data centre in Frankfurt. If you’re in the habit of visiting data centres around the world you’ll know how rare things like tables are in the colos.

I thought this was cool. Trafalgar Square. This guy writes this out every day (I assume). It’s quite the effort.

I hope it retains its resolution upon upload so it’s still readable.

Yes, I left some £ for the pic I took.

This was my helper in London. Very strong. Can lift 5 x 2Us at a time. Shows up on time. Doesn’t ask dumb questions. But can’t pay for beers so...there’s that.

And no, those aren’t my boxes. I’m not an animal. I break mine down and put them in the bin like a good Canadian.


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