Baby dog's office observation post is getting more elaborate as time goes on.

Made a few updates to . It checks destination links against a black list (properly) now. I also added a quick 'copy' icon to copy the chomp to your clipboard for ease of pasting elsewhere.

That last feature is most useful to mobile users.

Two small items left on my RFB list and will be open for business!

This has been a fun project. Scratched a personal itch, got me into some nginx innards, and learned some new AWS tricks along the way.

And once I open it up, you ruffians are gonna break it in ways I hadn't considered so there will be another batch of stuff to learn.

Shooting for Thursday go-live.

Not how I wanted to start my day. But the good news is that is was just clogged in the tube. Didn’t have to dismantle the hot end.

New stickers waiting for me when I arrived home. Always order yourself something nice before you go on a work trip. It’s a surprise gift when you get home!

Seriously living like a king in the data centre in Frankfurt. If you’re in the habit of visiting data centres around the world you’ll know how rare things like tables are in the colos.

I thought this was cool. Trafalgar Square. This guy writes this out every day (I assume). It’s quite the effort.

I hope it retains its resolution upon upload so it’s still readable.

Yes, I left some £ for the pic I took.

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