This is a good example at how much your phones and other devices keep chattering over the internet 24/7 even when you're not using them.

This is a graph of requests from the devices in my home to my personal DNS server. Virtually every internet request will show up here and I can see that there's just as much internet traffic at 2am as there is at 6pm.

What do my devices talk about? Mostly, they're sending private data offsite to their respective vendors (amazon, google, facebook, etc) which is why limiting things like internet microphones and cameras in your private spaces is the only way to control your data.

Everything you do (and say if you have an Echo or Google Home or the like) is sent offsite to....who? For what purpose? We'll never know and once it's gone, it's too late to bring it back.

@jonw What did you use to capture and graph the data?

@jonw this is amazing... I’m in shock! Thank you for open my eyes.

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