OK let's give this a whirl. Here's my quick take on the unique privacy issues the Fediverse have. And, honestly, how they're probably worse than the privacy issues Facebook and Twitter has.

@GeoffWozniak @jonw Have you heard of Hometown, the Mastodon fork?

Maybe if these kinds of instances were more popular (maybe even the default?), things wouldn't be as bad? I guess that would turn the experience from Twitter-like to specific-community-forum-like, but I wonder if that's a better idea in most cases...

> honestly, [issues of the Fediverse] are probably worse than the privacy issues Facebook and Twitter has

Yes, thanks for reminding us an axiom, that freedom is something essentially opposite to secrecy and control over others.


You're being very… generous with the threat model. Usually companies don't scrape every post, they want hashtagged posts first. It can be quite easy to archive them all under the API limits or when avoiding the whole API use.

Is it really better if the post was scraped via an official centralized service API and not by scraping the website or by hacking a fediverse relay? Well linking the post to a fediverse pseudonymous handle is less useful than linking it to the Twitter or FB IDs.

@jonw I think there can be different definitions of privacy. One is used by you in the post: privacy of the text you write. Another one is privacy of the person who wrote. I think in the fed model it is easy to remain completely anonymous, giving up the text privacy.

@jonw Lots and lots of issues with this blog post.

You're arguing that the fedi must display ads to stay afloat. I don't see any ads here. You argue that spooky third parties can see my data. Well yeah, my shitposts.

Facebook on the other hand knows who all my friends are, crawled the contacts on my phone and harvested all their phone numbers. without my friends permission because they technically had mine.

Personal messages are private on the fedi, but not on Facebook.

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