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Made a few updates to . It checks destination links against a black list (properly) now. I also added a quick 'copy' icon to copy the chomp to your clipboard for ease of pasting elsewhere.

That last feature is most useful to mobile users.

Wait. Wut?

"Both of Trump's SCOTUS appointees, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, ruled against him."

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:teal_cyber_heart:​ I don't usually accept follow requests from eggs (very new accounts) without interaction.

Feel free to follow by RSS and/or interact, or request again once you're more established here.

Did you know every Mastodon account has an RSS feed? Just put .rss on the end like this:

I'm obsessed with counter steering. I hadn't heard of it before learning to ride a #motorcycle. Basically, it's the technique of pushing your left handlebar to make the bike turn left. And push the right handlebar to make the bike turn right.

Completely backwards, right?

It only works at speeds above about 30km/h ish. And it turns out it's an essential skill to control your bike. It's the skill that makes your bike nimble. It's the skill that quells that "shit, this turn is too sharp" fear. It's the skill that deeks your bike around rodents and birds (yes, birds. I thought we had a deal!) and keeps you in your lane while you do it.

It's also the skill that allows you to leeeeean deeeeep into turns which, let's face it, is pretty much the entire reason anyone rides.

I'm just hanging outside a store, leaning on a pole next to my motorcycle waiting for someone. Because I do that now.

I'm armchair quarterbacking here, but a power surge in a data centre large enough to fry a bunch of customer PDUs is pretty rare.

I suspect the power grooming equipment maintenance has been neglected by Cogent at this location.

"RFO Update (06 July 2020 21:00 EDT): Outage summary: at 06 July 2020 10:05 EDT there was power surge at Cogent's Toronto 245 Consumers Rd datacenter which led to server restarts and one PDU failure in one of our racks. (Other Cogent customers were also impacted and throughout the day the datacenter was quite crowded.) "

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Lost my irreplaceable wedding ring on Sunday, July 5th. Longshot but I thought I'd post this in case it's spotted. I believe it slipped off during hand sanitizer. Possible locs:

- Vernon's Dnr, Bedford
- Esquire Rst.
- The BLT trail
- Glenbourne Bike Park

🙏 for any reshares.

MacOS is so dumb. With my laptop lid closed, it still sends me audible notifications. Who asked for that?

Great day riding along the coast yesterday. Cool, but not cold. Easy to wear all the gear.


I just deleted a draft toot and we're all better for it.

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Have you ever noticed that Cardassians are just Denobulans with extra ridges

Thank you. I meant a few words about the deceased

Well, the lighthouse looks like shit, but my bike is looking bad ass!

#Motorcycle achievement unlocked: counter-steering.

Proceed to major-series highways!

My Mastercard has a burning hole in it. But I FINALLY have all the stuff I need to go riding!

Worth every penny.


Ok, bike has been christened. Literally nothing left to do but wait for my plate appointment.

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UCSF (University of California San Francisco) paid $1.14m in ransom to get access to their data.

I assume no backups for that to happen.

Sad that they would give the criminals the money and motivation to strike again.

And this is not the first case we hear about. Often against health companies.

Bought my first bike yesterday. Honda Shadow V750. Much bigger bike than I was considering for my starter bike. While I was waiting for my insurance papers to arrive in my inbox, it started raining.

It rained pretty much every minute of that 50 kilometer ride home. It was my first motorcycle ride in traffic and on highways.and, obviously, first ride in the rain. I live in a rural area and the rain drives the wildlife onto the roads so I was avoiding deer, frogs, and groundhogs all running across the road from time to time.

Took me almost 2 hours to get home. Soaked. Hands tired from the unfamiliar motion clutching, accelerating and braking.

But it was FUN!!

Why does my privacy centric browser Vivaldi send a URL parameter literally containing the string "vivaldi" to my default search engine?

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