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Okie doke. Moved my URL shortener and its associated redirector domain to for DNS and monitoring.

I have a lot of faith in the guys running that and this is really the only project I have that is critical to people other than myself so it is a good candidate. (to be clear, not involved in any way).

Free 14-day trial. Give it a whirl!

cc @dcid @perezbox

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Made a few updates to . It checks destination links against a black list (properly) now. I also added a quick 'copy' icon to copy the chomp to your clipboard for ease of pasting elsewhere.

That last feature is most useful to mobile users.

In other news, 55% of all tickets are opened by broken automation processes and aren't required to begin with 🤪

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cracklib-unpacker (8) - cracklib dictionary utilities

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Two hours of interviews. I'm exhausted.

On the plus side, I got to revisit some of the internal tooling I built years ago that is still in daily use. Pretty proud of that.

I went totally the wrong way with

ShadyURL - Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening.

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gst-xmllaunch-0.10 (1) - build and run a GStreamer pipeline from an XML serialization

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USPOL Taxes 

I've been on record many times stating confusion as to why the US populace insists on seeing candidates' tax returns. It's never made sense to me because nobody is going to file a blatant crime with the IRS.

Now that Trump's returns are out, I still feel the same way. The world is freaking out pointing at them screaming "crime! ", But it doesn't pass muster for me.

Just because we, the unwashed masses, suddenly have his tax returns is not relevant. The IRS has had them for a very long time. If there was evidence of crimes in them, the IRS would have referred the issue to the applicable law enforcement agency.

So as much as we'd all like to see Trump in hot water, I don't see his returns as a smoking gun.

Well, Twitter is still here this morning. I take that to mean it was an uneventful presidential debate.

Overheard in birdsite:

LIFO: Last In First Out
FIFO: First In First Out
FAFO: Fuck Around and Find Out

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avahi-resolve (1) - Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon

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Maybe I'm the only one who didn't notice this, but the mysudo app for Android is available now. Last time I played with it, it was iOS only.

I have an upcoming technical interview with a developer. Which I'm not. And there's no expectation that I am. But still want to shine.

So, my developer colleagues, what type of stuff would you ask an infra/systems engineer without you yourself being an infra/systems engineer?

Curious what the view of my current role looks like from across the disciplines.

Ah, good ol Cambridge Analytica is trending again on birdsite. That company's evilness survives the grave.

And this is why we'll still be sending text messages in 2050

Hey Fediverse: What's good to watch on YouTube? Historically, I just use it for tutorials and podcasts. But I'm told there's music and full shows etc on it (I am trying premium). I just don't know how to cut through the crap interface to discover anything new.

I'll accept 20% "you tube sucks, don't use it, it's google" etc. in answers but I insist on at least 80% constructive answers 😁

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idevicedebugserverproxy (1) - Remote debugging proxy.

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