My god I just realised that in 6 months I'll have been a professional Unix/Linux sysadmin for 20 years. Send help.


Lol, yeah.

I have officially been working with AD in some capacity for 20 yrs.

Also, security in some capacity for that long.

Also, started dialing up BBS 30 yrs. ago.

@thegibson can you come here and take over for a bit? I've been dropped into the "fix the AD setup" seat here and I'm currently spending far too much time reading up on group policy best practices!

Yeah, god I must have called my first BBS back in 87 or 88 maybe, ran one for a while back in 92-94ish. Hilariously thinking of starting one again because I just have far too much free time apparently ...


@mike @thegibson Oh, didn’t see you’re trying to fix AD. if you need any help let me know. There ain’t much of anything Gibs and I together can’t help you fix.

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