Randomly grabbed some crumpled newspaper out of a box from my parent’s house. Almost 35 years ago to the day, the @seattletimes articles on page F3 were “Yes, girls can compute” and “Girls lack role models in world of computers”.

We’ve come a long ways. :)

@Jerephil Meaning, of course, that we haven't moved at all -- in the 1980s one could still work with pathbreaking female programmers from WWII and immediately after. (In the 1990s when I started work they were retiring, though we were delighted to have them visit.) And there's a whole lot of stuff published *now* that talks as though not only the 1950s generation of women programmers, but my 1990s generation of women programmers, didn't exist. We can always be sweet incomers, never the gurus.

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