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To think, my ex-mechanic could still be my mechanic if he’d just done what I asked him to do.

My garage is a mess. Finding that socket was a project in and of itself.

Changed the starter in the Jeep. Runs fine. Took me ~75 minutes, including finding a 13mm deep socket.

Savings of doing it myself = Roughly $170/hr effective hourly rate.

My iPhone recommends apps based on time of day and usage. Evidently at 10PM on Saturday nights I am checking to see where my oldest daughter is.

If anyone knows someone in Seattle, Portland, or Medford area that is looking for something new in IT - or even looking to just break into IT - please send them my way?

We have pretty much unlimited openings for Tier 1, and a good half dozen Tier 2/3 slots open.

I’m a good guy and will make sure they are treated right. I think @thegibson can vouch for me on this. :)

“I am the sun that warms you, and the air you fucking breathe.”

God I love this show.

The only thing I miss about Facebook is the super interesting conversations about obscure religious texts that I frequently goaded people into arguing about.

Pro tip: If you’re going to freeze a banana for your dog, peel it first.


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So now I shall spend $65 and less than an hour of my time to replace the starter.

Le sigh.

"Cory, there is nothing wrong with the alternator. Please just replace the starter. I do not need you to diagnose the issue, I just don't want to do the work myself."

"I can't do that as I need to have the charging system working properly. I can't guarantee that you don't have a bad starter too."

WTF? If I hadn't spent my developmental years ripping apart cars with my father - who spent 32 years as a professional mechanic - then I would have no idea how much I've getting ripped off.

I seem to not get along with mechanics anymore. Had my Jeep towed in to the mechanic I've used for *years* because the starter is dead. This is not hard to diagnose.

Leave him a voicemail on Sunday "Cory, the starter is dead. Please let me know how much to replace it."

Took him 48 hours to return the call. "You're going to need to spend $418 to replace the alternator"

It's to the point where I just spent 10 minutes kind of staring at 3 different OneDrive accounts, idly moving a few folders around while thinking "What. The. Fuck." in the back of my head.

I'm seriously considering migrating it all off to a NAS and only bringing data back as it's actually needed.

The problem with having multiple terabytes of cloud storage is that I have multiple terabytes of cloud storage, and have no clue what the fuck any of this shit I've collected over the past decade actually is, nor why I am keeping it.

I’ve spent the past 90 minutes trying to educate one of our senior engineers on DHCP.

I guess I will just let him take it from here. :)

Don't envy the coyote because the coyote is composed of flies. You will be covered in flies, too, in the end.

I can’t tell you how damn fucking funny this is

I’m in a library and this is

How they feel about it

‪So it turns out that when you say “Alexa, play porn music”, she actually plays porn music. ‬

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