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Do you have any good (online preferred) ITIL fundamentals courses that you can recommend?

In one of the most 2019 emails I've ever received, my coffee mug (twas a gift) just got an updated privacy policy with forced arbitration and class action waiver.

Since at least one person asked, this is full time long term with really good benefits. :)

Also Eugene, forgot that part. Seattle is two offices - Kent and Bothell - in the same metro.

Anyone looking for a gig that feels that they fit this request, I have worked for @jerephil in the past, and he has worked for me. Excellent to work for. Fair expectations, and you will learn consulting the right way.

I’m eagerly trying to locate some tier 3 resources in Seattle, Portland, and Southern Oregon (Medford). If you know anyone, please send them my way.

“Scalpel!” may be scary to hear while lying on the table, but “screwdriver!” yields its own little existential shiver.


i went into business as a viagra test subject.

gets harder everyday.

RT The wall isn't being built to keep them out. It's being built to keep us in. The US is turning into the Soviet Union:

Kids: this is the year you finally pull the elf down off the shelf and show it what happens to snitches.

Remember, for the flimsiest of reasons, in the USA email hosted on a cloud service isn’t protected against unreasonable search and seizure by the 4th Amendment. If you host your email in your house, it is.

I know there’s lots of talk about how terrible it is to host your own email, but 1) it’s not *that* hard, and 2) consider who might want you to believe that.

It’s actually a pretty good space western.

Ok, I am enjoying The Mandalorian now. Super weak first episode but continually getting better.

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