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Another dog now occasionally barks in our neighborhood. Words can’t explain how thankful I am, because this pup checks every box for “reactive dog”.

This evening I calmed down an upset customer and talked to three different work people via text while deboning chicken thighs for dinner.

Decided to make chicken stock as well. Threw some fresh thyme in there and the upstairs smells amazing.

Also (work related), I think I need to build up another office in the same metro area because Seattle traffic FUCKING SUCKS and we have customers in a 75 mile strip of highway now.

How’s your Sunday?

In order to limit market confusion, Comodo (the little CA who was Too Big To Fail, multiple times) has changed its name.

In order to confuse the market, the remainder of Comodo still operates, and sells Breach Protection with their Zero Trust Platform. Perhaps the only use of the meaningless phrase "Zero Trust" that's actually correct.

Sometimes I feel like we have assembled a superhero team over here.

We are making a difference if for no one else but our little community.

But I think we make the whole world a little better when we do it.

What a gloriously strange ride life has been so far.

Astoundingly amazing.

Changing my phone from Push email to hourly fetch has been life changing.

I just renamed my wife’s contact to Sugar Mama, at her request. Seems reasonable to me.

I had something else I wanted to say but can’t remember what it was.

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