I thought I had tested a thing. But apparently unlike every other place, this one config change only takes effect on restart and so my "successful" test was actually a total failure. And was the basis for an entire project that is now trying desperately to make this one bit work...

Me and TootCat, yesterday.

...although the change did in fact work; it's just that apparently the file in question is... handled differently? ...on reboot, so what worked for a service restart was all crashy on reboot.

I'm planning to verify that in a little bit, as soon as I can scrape together the necessary braincells.

@woozle Ugh. Special cases. Where things don't work like they normally do. Just ... blah.

I'm all for accommodating people, because they can generally explain what they need and are difficult to redesign. But software? Software needs to be redesigned to accommodate people.

Lately, it also especially needs to be redesigned to accommodate people who are admins, instead of assuming that there's an admin team on call.

@woozle "Just pile these bits of crap on top of each other until the front looks like what we want." meanwhile the back end becomes a labyrinth of interdependent, poorly documented "stuff" that three people understand.


@SetecAstronomy @woozle there's a pattern here somewhere...and manglement says another meeting where none of the tree people who understand it are in attendance will help us figure it out.

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