If it feels like everything is falling apart, keep two things in mind:
1) We live in a time that moves faster.
2) There are bills that are coming due.
3) Some very bad people's plans got disrupted and they're flailing.

@StevenSavage Things also tend to feel extra bad at social inflection points when the bad guys are about to lose. Not to say the good guys won't have bad times until then, but still.

@bradysflungtablet Yeah. Also the Bad Guys don't seem to get some of the above. But something feels desperate.

@StevenSavage Of course they're desperate. On demographics alone their loss is inevitable. They wanna see the policies they love so much in the real world while they still have time. It reminds me of the old bats who forced Prohibition into being even though it was doomed to failure.


@bradysflungtablet @StevenSavage yup.

"if the situation were hopeless their propaganda would be unnecessary"

The systems of tyranny will thrash and try to survive at any cost as their attempts at control mechanisms come apart.

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