i am once again asking for video games with wheelchair using protagonists that arent relying on the same dozen ableist tropes i've seen all my life

"we can't add wheelchairs to (game) how will they get to (important location)?!" is not the defense you think it is

(this is more "lamenting out loud" but if you do know of any i'm all ears)

video games with wheelchair using protagonists 


I haven't played any of these, but I've been keeping tabs on disability representation in games for a while, because I think it's neat and we need more of it.

In "Extreme Meatpunks Forever," a visual novel about antifascist mecha, one of the playable characters uses a wheelchair.

In "Figment," a pet-raising game, your character customization options let you have a wheelchair.

Both of those games were in the June 2020 itch.io bundle for racial justice and equality, in case you bought that.

"Super Wheelchair Boost" is a platformer where you play as a hero with a super boosted wheelchair that can jump.

"Wheelchair Basketball VR" isn't by wheelchair users, but it looks like they put a ton of thought into making it accessible and realistic by talking with real wheelchair basketball players and the game's history.

You can keep an eye on the wheelchair tag in itch to see if any more games show up, with the warning that some of them are going to be ableist:

video games with wheelchair using protagonists 

@frameacloud super comprehensive, thank you :) it's cool to see a VR game in that list.

Quite a bit of a tangent, but I've done a lot of daydreaming about a wheelchair powered locomotion system for VR (some sort of treadmill like system for each tire, translating the forwards/backwards movement of each tire into movement in game), but i certainly don't have the hardware/software skills to make that happen. I know of 'traditional' treadmills that do the same, but i feel like a manual wheelchair's ability to turn in place is underrated :) VR is really fun, & I'd love to see more accessibility tools made for it. (currently my big game changer is OVR advanced settings, which lets me move in VR with hand movement + a keybind, which i use for upwards/downwards movement. mentioning it just in case it's useful to you or anyone else reading)

video games with wheelchair using protagonists 


Your idea sounds really cool! I hope sometime you'll find some folks with those skills to team up with to make your idea into a real project.


re: wheelchair vr 

@frameacloud @rats

*raises hand*

so, augmented reality and accessibility are...deep interests of mine, and this interface (treadmill style for navigating VR in an actual wheelchair) is absolutely doable...and currently outside my space constraints to implemement.

Have been looking at a way to make a pokemon-go-esque clone something accessible for my partner, and I was looking at suspending the chair slightly and just using rotary encoders.

The "feel" of inertia is not there...yet...but am contemplating / testing different brakes to give a feeling of drag eg rolling up a hill, with a travel motor to help the feel of rolling down and the wheels spinning in your hands.

Long project. Nothing to release yet. Needs integration with an actual VR system instead of my microcontroller with testbed with trimpots and a "test" button.

Absolutely doable tho, with a bit of hackery and time...

re: wheelchair vr 

@jakimfett @rats

That sounds really creative and ambitious! The Wheelchair Basketball VR game didn't use an actual wheelchair, just had the player move their hands like they were turning the wheels. Using an actual wheelchair for control *and* tactile feedback-- if that's what you're saying you're doing-- sounds really interesting!

(That almost sounds like it could be done in a way that would be accessible for visually impaired gamers, too, since so much of its interface is about touch and motion.)

Your idea reminds me a little bit of Namco's PropCycle, that 1996 arcade game where the player rides a stationary bicycle that is used as the game controller. What can be done with a bike could be done with a wheelchair.

I did see somebody's prototype on itch for how to convert a manual wheelchair into a video game controller. asivarbata.itch.io/spoke

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